White embroidery - lettre A (finished)

Le Stitch has finally achieved her mission! It took me 11 months in all, and you know what is the frustration about it all... it only took me a couple of hours (ok... perhaps 4 or 5 hours) to complete the project. 

I have used a mixture of satin and stem stitches and knots, which give a lovely sense of texture and relief to the letter. I absolutely love it.

Seeing the finished letter makes me realised that I have been really lazy in this past year, and I have missed stitching, crocheting and more. It was most certainly due to the fact that during this time my interests had shifted, but slowly I am getting back to my old self. 

So, would there be more to come soon? Let's wonder to the next episode of Le Stitch en Folie...


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