My new toy: my PFAFF sewing machine

Dear all,

Le Stitch is proud to present you with her new birthday toy: a super-silent, top-notch, German-efficient sewing machine.   

Finding a shop selling this particular machine was probably the most difficult task of my sewing life. 

I didn't want to buy it online but in a shop. After some extensive research, I found out that only three shops in southwest London specialised in selling sewing machines but none distributed pfaffs. Finally I found one shop in North London (one shop!!! In a town populated with over 10 million inhabitants!!!!! I found this shocking!) 

So I wish to thank the man who's probably the most knowledgeable I've ever met: Tony. I really recommend any Londoners to go to his shop: 

Tony's Sewing Center
154 Fortress Road, Kentish Town
London, NW5 2HP
 Tel: 020 7485 1653
Tube: Tufnell Park (Northern Line)

1 comment:

  1. You will love your Pfaff. I have had one for 16 years and my Mum had one for nearly 50 and I used it continuously for about 20 of those!
    I wrote about my machine in one of my blogs:
    Happy sewing!
    BTW - Sewing World in Bromley and Tunbridge Wells sell Pfaffs.