Embroidered table mat

Origin: France, December 2009

My granny gave me this unfinished decorative table mat as she could no longer see the blue lines properly. She handed me everything... from the fabric, cotton threads, printed design, to the needle!

This is the state, in which I was given the work:

The only reason why I have chosen this work as a first project is that there is not a lot to do to it. I know... I am a bit lazy right now and hopefully i will be finishing the job in less than 1 week.

I must say that the colour of the linen is not the most appealing! It is a kind of grey/brownish colour. I usually refer to this type of hard textile as the "potato bag fabric" (similar to the Jute fibre, although it is linen!).

What I do love though is my gran's stitching, which is so regular and neat. I will try my best to make this embroidery justice... and as soon as I am finished with it, the mat will go back to my gran's.


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