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Mix of bright yellow and red colours reminiscent of the drizzling hot Spanish city of Sevilla.

£24.99 the lot of 3 skeins.

To benefit from the 10% discount (excl. postage), email me directly (

Three small skeins of luxury and soft fine yarn. I first dyed the tops which I then carded and spun smoothly using a wheel. The spun is slightly uneven making it a novelty yarn that surely will be the star of the your yarn basket. The resulting yarn is a fine 2-ply yarn.

Each skein is unique and made from different blends of wool:
- the smallest skein is made from a blend of mohair (red colour) and wool (yellow): 9 metres (9 yards) = 5 grammes
- the mostly yellow skein is made mixing wool and two-threaded cotton: 56 m (61 y) = 16 grammes
- the mostly red skein is made from corriedale wool: 33 m (36 y) = 19 grammes

These would be perfect to use as an accent yarn as they are quite small. The wool is a fine 2-ply type, requiring needles sized 2 or 3mm

Handwash only at room temperature with a mild detergent, otherwise the fibre will felt.