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The summer holidays are upon. Time to head to the seaside and, who knows, we might just as well found Ponyo there.

10 colours in use (numbers can be reduced) - 47 stitches over 45 stitches
It's been a while since my last free cross stitch, and it's been at least 5 years since my football-related cross stitch grid. So today I had to make do. Here it is, for your enjoyment, the free cross stitch grid of the Manchester United FC logo.

You will need a fabric that can take 100 stitches x 100 stitches. Colours are down to basic three: red, yellow, black.


I am a fan of Totoro. Let's be honest, it would difficult not to be. Totoro is a fluffy friendly giant who is always surrounded by even cuter creatures. 

Here is a grid I have made that I want to share it with you. Happy stitching!

Free cross-stitching grid of Totoro

Winter Spring is coming ! 

This is the season for spring clean and, boy, there is some cleaning to do in this blog. First let's dust off the spider webs in the 'free cross-stitch grid' section. When was the last time I wrote something in there.... oh yes.... mmmmhhh... no way! it was in 2012!!! Shall we begin then?

Today my favourite spring-related topic is flower, and what flower is the best to symbolise the start of spring? Yes, you have guessed it right, it is indeed the daffodil.

fleur de jonquille / narcisse - point de croixfleur de jonquille / narcisse - point de croix

The free cross-stitch pattern can be downloaded for free on this link.

fleur de jonquille / narcisse - grille de point de croix a telecharger gratuitement

PS : I am looking to get a cross stitch design software (Mac version). I have heard about Macstitch, but could you recommend other brand? Thanks
Here's the latest free cross-stitch chart : a cute hippo with a gigantic nose. 

There are four colours in use here in this chart: white, black, pale orange and cream. The difference in shades seems quite subtle, so feel free to change the thread colours as you stitch along. Enjoy.

This morning, a friend (who's a faithfull supporter of Liverpool FC) sent me a cross-stitch pattern that he designed himself in Photoshop. I told him I was going to publish it on my blog.  
So here we are, and thanks Martin :)


It seems that spring has finally come to point the tip of its noseTo celebrate the blooming of nature, Le Stitch is pleased to offer you a flower (sorry, it's not a daffodil):

I hope this grid is clearer than the panda. Feel free to share your tips and show your photos if you make my grids.
Le Stitch is pleased to share her first cross stitching chart EVER! Enjoy the pattern and feel free to show me pictures of your designs.