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Le Stitch, Mr B. and the p'tit Bout went to visit Bruges, Belgium, last weekend. In-between beer and chips breaks, we managed to stroll around the beautiful city that has been made famous in the world for its delicate hand-made lace crochet.

This traditional art originated in the 16th century. It was passed from mother to daughter and was taught orally. The delicacy of the lace crochet grew in popularity and contributed to increase the wealth of the city.

Here is an incredible Youtube video showing you a lace-maker in action.  The speed is absolutely mind-blowing !!

You will find more details on the Kent Centrum website (the official museum of lace crocher in Bruges).

I warmly recommend that you visit the city. It is stunning despite the truck load of tourists coming round the clock and the Flemish welcome is not that warm.