Sewing project - blackout curtains

Le Stitch is a lazy bugger... Let's start with the beginning, say about 5 years ago when Le Stitch and Mister B moved into their Home Sweet Home. Everything was all rosy, except for one tiny detail. Mister B hated the curtains that were left in the spare bedroom by the previous occupants. A sunburned denim curtain from Ikea. The hems were glued to the fabric ... oooh, the horror!!

Adding panel to extend the fabric length
 'Fine', I responded, 'I'll sew a new pair.'

Using a magnetic guide to help straightening my wonky stitches 
The seasons passed. In the meantime, Mister B changed jobs about 3 or 4 times. I got pregnant, gave birth, moved the kid to that spare bedroom, started a new business, and finally sewed the curtains (say, I finished them yesterday night).

The stitches are not straight, the dimensions are all wrong and not matching. I used black thread against a shiny duck green. And, I had to sew extra panels of fabric as, otherwise, the curtains would have never reached the floor.

But I am happy with the outcome, because if you squint really hard in order not to see these ginormous defects, it looks good, sturdy and warm. Sure I would have loved to have put the curtain rack higher but, if I had to start DIYing with the screwdriver too, these curtains would have never been put up this morning.

Curtains opened

I saw the idea in my head and did not follow any instructions, apart from the system on the back to hold the curtains up, which comes from La bobine website. And, in times of desperate need, I referred back to my sewing bible: Readers' Digest Complete Guide to Sewing.

curtains closed
The 100% wool fabric and the blackout lining were both purchased on ebay in the same shop: the fabricman. All together, I have paid less than £50.00 for the pain pair of 2.15cm-long curtains. 


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